What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split systems are made up of two components – the outdoor unit and the indoor unit/s. You’ve probably seen this before, as it is one of the most common air conditioning systems available. The outside component is installed very close to the room that requires cooling and consists of a compressor, condenser coil and capillary tubing. The unit inside is connected to this outside compartment, and is made up of the cooling coil and a long blower and air filter that ensures the air is not only at the desired temperature, but also clean.

Because there is no duct piping, a split system doesn’t require extensive installation and can be implemented with ease by a professional provider. Split system air conditioner installation can actually be done in the matter of a day, allowing for minimal downtime in your home or business. Another benefit and arguably the most notable is the quiet nature of split system air conditioners. Since the compressor and fan is found in the outside unit, any noise that occurs remains unheard from inside the house – resulting in a quiet performance.

Multi-split systems allow for more than one unit to be connected to the single outdoor unit, resulting in the ability to control the temperature in multiple rooms.

When looking for the best split system air conditioner on the market, one wants to consider one of these three models, all offered by Aussie Air:

LG Split System Air Conditioners

Samsung Split System Air Conditioners

Panasonic Split System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Air Conditioners

Actron Split System Air Conditioners

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