Solar Systems in Perth

Solar power has gained massive popularity in the last couple of years as more and more people look for alternatives to traditional power delivery. Not only does it save you money in the long run, it is environmentally friendly and more sustainable than coal – something causing so much pollution and damage to our planet. With all the cities in the world realising the power of solar, Perth is no exception.

As an extension to our long list of products and services in air conditioning, Aussie Air is a specialist provider of solar systems in Perth. We have a department dedicated to the research and implementation of solar power for both homes and businesses, whether it is used to power air conditioning or anything else in your building that needs electricity to operate.

QCELL Panels

With the combination of style and functionality, QCELL panels are suitable for every application and the perfect choice for your home or business’ photovoltaic solution. It is a polycrystalline module that boasts performance classes of 285 Wp, all while being extremely reliable with the use of Q.ANTUM technology.

Talesun Panels

With more than 500 MW installed around the world, Talesun has a stellar track record of solar PV installations. Talesun is a world leader when it comes to the production of high-quality solar modules, with one of the largest and technologically-advanced production facilities on the globe.

GCL Panels

If you’re looking for excellent performance under low radiance, then GCL is your answer. As one of the world’s biggest solar photovoltaic enterprises, GCL has a goal of turning the world into one that utilises solar to power our everyday lives.

Sungrow Inverter

With a wide range of inverters for every application, Sungrow is one of the market leaders and continues to develop the solar power sector. They have spent over 10 years in the field and developed inverters with the type of reliability that allows for long-term functionality and little-to-no maintenance requirements.

SMA Inverter

Whether for small house systems or commercial systems that operate in the Megawatt range, SMA inverters cater for all module types and grid connections. They also offer PV inverters with integrated storage capabilities.

Delta Inverter & Batteries

Delta’s inverter system protects the auxiliary AC-powered infrastructure from AC mains fluctuations and can also provide extended energy saving with backup AC power. It also has an energy efficient mode that saves power while operating normally.

Hybrid Inverters

While normal inverters convert DC power into AC power which can actually be used, hybrid inverters work in conjunction with batteries to store excess power for when it is needed most. This is making massive headway in solving common problems associated with energy variability and unreliable grids.

Fronius Inverter & Battery

Another company with a holistic focus on solar power development, Fronius creates inverters that give life to complete photovoltaic systems with efficiency and reliability. Their inverters and batteries are used around the world and are suitable for any system size, whether a home or commercial/industrial application.

If you’re looking for solar panels or solar battery storage in Perth, choose Western Australia’s leading provider. Aussie Air is dedicated to delivering only the highest-quality solar system installation and maintenance. Get in touch or leave us a message here.