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Evaporative cooling is a totally natural process, which fills your home with 100% fresh air. Unlike refrigerated systems that can circulate stale recycled air, Braemar’s Ducted Evaporative Heating and Cooling systems can filter and clean the air, which is not only great for general health and wellbeing, but also makes it the ideal choice for allergy and asthmatic sufferers. By pumping fresh, cool air into your house and pushing hot, stale air out, Braemar evaporative cooling also operates as a ventilation system. Kitchen odours or stale air can be quickly and easily expelled from the home by turning the unit on or operating it in fan-only mode. Aussie Air specialises in the supply and installation of Braemar’s Paradigm Evaporative Air Conditioners in Perth. These innovative systems draw on over 60 years of experience in climate control and are guaranteed to deliver fresh, cool air. Contact your nearest Aussie Air outlet for further information or a no obligation quote. We’re located north of the river at Wangara.

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