Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Perth residents enjoy a Mediterranean climate – dry and hot summer days with relatively mild winters. The abundance of warm weather in this part of...
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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioning uses a series of ducts to control the temperatures and spaces in homes and businesses alike. The...
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Split System

Split System

If you want to control the temperature of multiple rooms at the touch of a button, then a Split System Air Conditioner is your answer. Other than...
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Air Conditioning Perth

As one of the most trusted air conditioning companies in Perth, Aussie Air has been supplying and installing quality systems to homes and businesses throughout the metropolitan area since 1987. While we cool and warm thousands of homes, we also have a dedicated commercial division that specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems for small businesses, restaurants, offices, government departments and construction companies.

Want to get in touch? Contact us for a quick and cost-effective solution. We offer a variety of systems designed for your needs, with the ability to implement custom air conditioning installation in Perth.

Environment-Friendly, Evaporative Air Conditioning

Ideal for Perth’s hot, dry climate, these systems are well suited for large homes – especially those with kids and pets, as it allows you to leave windows open while expelling hot air every 2-3 minutes. Expect a 10° drop in temperature, and increased comfort levels on even the most humid of days – all from the most environmentally friendly system available. Evaporative air-con systems are economical and effective, with running costs substantially less than regular refrigerated air-conditioning systems. In addition, your indoor plants will flourish and unpleasant odours will be entirely eliminated. Browse our selection here.

Control Individual Room Temperatures with Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Usually installed in the roof and powered by a compressor located outside the house, a reverse cycle system is connected to a series of outlets in the relevant rooms, allowing you to heat or cool the different spaces as required. They’re particularly popular in Perth, as only one appliance is required to provide both cooling and heating. A simple flick of the switch changes the climate from cool to warm; nothing else is required. We’re also able to tailor a system to suit your home’s design and your family’s unique lifestyle requirements. Have a look at our options here.

Split Systems for Smaller Homes and Offices

Split system air-conditioning systems are operated by wall or remote control, and are generally used to cool small homes, individual rooms, apartments, rental properties, and small businesses. With Aussie Air, a split system air conditioner installation is simple – and cheaper to operate than ducted air conditioning systems. They’re attractive, modern, and available in a range of styles to suit your individual needs and budget. If air-con noise bothers you, we have ultra-quiet models that can adjust the temperature of a room without stopping and re-starting.
We stock the world’s leading air conditioning brands:


Breezair is known for having the lowest running costs in the world with unmatched energy-efficiency – so much so that you can cool your home at the cost of running a light bulb. Furthermore, their evaporative air conditioning is of the quietest on the market, making it an attractive choice for homes and businesses alike.


With over 60 years of experience in climate control, Braemar is setting the standard for ducted evaporative air conditioning. This is where comfort meets convenience, with the ability to control your system at the click of a button from the MagIQtouch Controller.


Another great provider of evaporative air conditioners, Coolair has been cooling homes and businesses in Perth for over 30 years. The evaporation process removes heat and produces a continuous stream of cool, clean and fresh air – 100% natural.


Offering both split system and reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, LG is a brand at top of mind when one thinks about excellence through technology. Using the latest in air conditioning development, LG is helping keep homes cool and/or warm with style, comfort and ease.


It’s no secret that Samsung has been dominating the market when it comes to household appliances for years now. Testament to their long list of products, they manufacture high-quality air conditioners that compete with the best in the world.


With the option of single-room, multi-room and whole-house systems, Actron manufactures air conditioners at exceptional quality for both homes and businesses in Australia. They have a focus on building systems that can handle the harsh Australian climate and guarantee reliability.


Haier is one of the fastest growing consumer durables companies in the world, and it’s pretty clear why. Although they manufacture a wide range of home appliances for a variety of applications, it is the consistency of their products that allows them to hold their market share.


Eco-inspired design is what sets Panasonic apart, with the production of stylish air conditioners that are not only energy-efficient, but relevant in aesthetic and easily able to form part of any interior’s look and feel.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Spanning years of successful service in the industry, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has become a household name, which is synonymous with quality. View the range of ducted air-conditioning systems today.

Contact us for any of your air conditioning requirements; we supply, install, service and repair. If you want to speak to someone directly, call us on (08) 9302 1611 now for some expert advice or a tailored air conditioning solution.

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