Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Ducted Evaporative Conditioning Perth residents enjoy a Mediterranean climate, dry and hot summers and relatively mild winters. The abundance of...
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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – Perth Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning systems are very popular in Perth, as only one appliance is...
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Split System

Split System

Split System Air Conditioning – Perth Aussie Air supplies and installs high-quality Split System Air Conditioners throughout the Perth...
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Air Conditioning Perth

Air conditioning installation, services & repairs

Perth has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city. These days can feel unpleasant, unless you have an air conditioning system that smart Perth residents know will keep them cool. Even better, choose from our range of air conditioners for sale and you can also stay warm in winter. Life’s too short to be uncomfortable.

At Aussie Air, we understand the impact that Perth’s weather can have on your general well being, whether you are at home or the office. That’s why we offer a professional air conditioning service Perth homeowners and office workers have been relying on for years.

As one of Perth’s most trusted names in air conditioning, we having been supplying and installing quality air-conditioning systems to homes throughout the Perth metropolitan area since 1987. While we cool and warm thousands of Perth homes, we also have a dedicated commercial division that specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems for small businesses, restaurants, offices, government departments and construction companies.

Whatever your climate control needs are, contact us, we’ll get you comfortable quickly and cost-effectively. We offer a variety of air con systems designed for your needs and requirements.

Cool your home the environment-friendly way with evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative air-conditioning systems are ideal for Perth’s hot, dry climate. These systems are well suited for large homes especially those with kids and pets, as it allows you to leave windows open, expelling hot air every 2-3 minutes. You can expect a 10° drop in temperature, increased comfort levels on even the most humid of days, and it’s the most environmentally friendly system available. In addition, your indoor plants will flourish and unpleasant odours will be quickly eliminated. Evaporative air-con systems are economical and effective, with running costs that are substantially less than regular refrigerated air conditioning systems.  More

Reverse Cycle allows you to control individual room temperatures

Ducted reverse-cycle systems consist of a unit, usually installed in the roof, which is generally powered by a compressor located outside the house. Using a network of ductwork, the unit is connected to a series of outlets in the relevant rooms, allowing you to heat or cool the space as required. These reverse-cycle ducted air-conditioning systems are particularly popular in Perth, as only one appliance is required to provide both cooling and heating. They are easy to use. A simple flick of the switch changes the climate from cool to warm; nothing else is required. We are also able to tailor a system to suit your family’s unique lifestyle requirements, allowing for different temperatures in different rooms. More

Split systems air conditioners for smaller homes and offices

Split system air-conditioning systems are operated by wall or remote control, and are generally used to cool small homes, individual rooms, apartments, rental properties, and small businesses.

These systems are easy to install and cheaper to operate than ducted air conditioning systems. They are attractive, modern, and available in a range of styles to suit your individual needs and budget. If air-con noise bothers you, we have ultra-quiet models, which can adjust the temperature of a room without stopping and re-starting. We are able to supply and install individual split system air conditioners in addition to multi-wall splits to properties throughout Perth. More

Stay warm with our ducted gas systems

While Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate, it still has its fair share of cooler days. This is why many Perth homeowners are choosing to install ducted gas heating systems or “central heating”, as it provides a fast, even warmth throughout your entire home.

It’s also a safer alternative to wood and standard gas heaters, as there are no exposed hot surfaces, no naked flames, and no power cords or dials for children to play with. Ducted heating also provides an allergy-free, asthma-safe environment with no ash, fumes, or smelly chimneys.

In addition, gas ducted heating systems have no emissions that enter the home, the unit sits inside the roof cavity and is ducted to all appropriate areas with a return air canal usually in the passage. More

Fortunately, no matter what your needs, our extensive range has got you covered. We stock fine products from the world’s top air conditioning brands, including Panasonic, LG, Mitsubishi, Airstream Advantage Air, Breezair and Braemar, among others.

Aussie Air is a member of Climate Masters of Seeley International. Membership is only open to those who can comply with the rigorous requirements. We are known and acclaimed for our professionalism, quality standards and for providing the optimum customer experience, making us the leading choice in Perth for all your air conditioning needs.

Contact us for any of your air conditioning requirements; we supply, install, service and repair.

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