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Did you know that Perth has more cold days than hot days?

It’s true. And, it’s why more and more Perth homeowners are choosing to install ducted gas heating systems. Ducted gas heating, or “central heating”, provides a fast, even warmth throughout your entire home.

Ducted heating is also a safe alternative to wood and standard gas heaters, as there are no exposed hot surfaces, no naked flames, and no power cords or dials for children to play with. Ducted heating also provides an allergy-free, asthma safe environment with no ash, fumes, or smelly chimneys.

Why Choose Ducted Heating?

Ducted gas heating has no emissions that enter the home. The unit sits inside the roof cavity and is ducted to all appropriate areas with a return air usually in the passage.

This type of central heating can warm a whole house at once or individual rooms, such as the bedrooms, with separate zones to assist with reduced running costs. Ducted gas heating also enables family members to set different temperatures in different parts of the house.

Aussie Air specialises in the supply and installation of ducted gas heating systems throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

We recommend Braemar ducted gas heating systems for their quality and reliability. Braemar has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of central heating systems and is wholly Australian owned.

Contact your nearest Aussie Air outlet for further information and a no obligation quote. We’re located south of the river at Canning Vale and north of the river at Jindalee.


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Braemar Ducted Gas Heating
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