Ducted Gas

Do you know Perth has more cold days than hot?

Ducted gas heating systems – or central heating – are very common in colder climates. However, there is an increasing move to this type of heating as it provides a fast, even warmth throughout your entire home. It is safe for children as there is no exposed hot surfaces, no naked flames, no power cords or dials to play with. It provides an allergy-free, asthma-safe environment with no ash, fumes or smelly chimneys.

Ducted gas heating has no emissions that enter the home. The unit sits inside the roof cavity and is ducted to all appropriate areas with a return air usually in the passage. It can do the whole house at once or bedrooms - for example - maybe on separate zones to assist with reduced running costs when not required to be heated.

Braemar has manufactured gas heating systems for over 50 years and is wholly Australian owned by Seeley International. What a great match to have with your Breezair evaporative air conditioner.

  • Braemar
  • Braemar
  • Family feuds over room temperature are now history thanks to a world-first innovation with the new Braemar Ecostar ducted gas heater.

    For the first time families can enjoy whole-of-home gas heating with the ability to set different temperatures in different parts of the house.

    The Ecostar is equipped with the amazing Spectrolink Multizone Controller which provides families with unprecedented flexibility for their heating requirements.

    Several technology breakthroughs unique to Ecostar mean it is one of the most flexible, energy-efficient forms of heating available.

    The Braemar Ecostar offers:

    • Whole-of-home heating
    • Unprecedented zonal temperature control from the Spectrolink Multizone Controller.
    • Outstanding heating efficiency of up to 5.6 gas energy rating stars.
    • Unique energy-saving features.
    • Engineering excellence that ensures maximum heat output for every gas unit used.
    • Single-point ignition that eliminates the need for a pilot light.
    • In-shot burner technology that maximises combustion efficiency.
    • Triaction heat exchanger for maximum heat generation.
    • Softair fan system that delivers continuous warm air.

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